Video: HALO® SwaddleSure Cotton Adjustable Swaddling Pouch

Watch this video featuring the HALO SwaddleSure Cotton Adjustable Swaddling Pouch in Blue product and shop other products on buybuy BABY.

Featured » HALO® SwaddleSure Cotton Adjustable Swaddling Pouch

Introducing the SwaddleSure adjustable swaddling pouch by Halo.


The SwaddleSure is the perfect product for new parents looking for an easy, safe and economical way to swaddle their baby without using loose blankets.


Its patented, three-point fastening system resists “breakouts” for superior, more secure swaddling. Its generous wings and fasteners offer maximum adjustability for a perfect, snug fit.

And, its soft fastener strips reduce scratching and skin irritation. Plus, its roomier pouch design ensures healthy hip development and easier diaper access.


As with all Halo sleep products, its “Back is best” embroidery reminds all caregivers that babies should sleep on their backs.


Creating a secure swaddle with SwaddleSure is easy. Align baby’s shoulders with the top of the swaddle wings and tuck her legs in the pouch. Wrap the left wing snuggly over baby’s torso, tucking behind baby’s left shoulder. Wrap the right wing over and secure it to the fastener fabric. The wings should be snug, aligned with baby’s shoulders and below the chin. Attach fastener strips to the top of the swaddle wings for a secure swaddle. Bring the front edge of the pouch up and attach it securely to the front of the swaddle.


SwaddleSure is available in sizes Newborn and Small in 100% cotton. Selecting the proper size for your baby is essential for a secure, safe fit. To select the best size for your baby, compare their current weight and height to the product size chart.


It is also important to discontinue swaddling your baby when your baby shows signs of breaking free from the swaddle or she starts rolling over. At which time we recommend transitioning your baby to the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket for safe sleep.



The SwaddleSure adjustable Swaddling Pouch by HALO is the safe, easy and secure way to keep baby sleeping longer and more peacefully.

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