Video: fridababy® The Wind® Gas & Colic Relief

Watch this video featuring the fridababy® The Wind® Gas & Colic Relief product and shop other NoseFrida products on buybuy BABY.

Featured » fridababy® The Wind® Gas & Colic Relief

Is the pressure building to calm your fussy baby? Pacifier not...Pacifying?

Maybe baby is full of it? Gas that is.

The Windi is an easy to use, back-end solution. Unlike your other options, the Windi is a safe, pediatrician endorsed, natural way to help your baby feel better, faster.

The Windi is a breeze to use. To get the juices flowing, rub from tum to bum on each side, or try bicycle kicks. Lubricate the Windi so it’s...comfortable. Lift your baby’s legs towards their head and carefully insert the Windi.

Within a couple seconds, the magic of the Windi will blow you away. Now, toss the Windi, and keep your happy baby.


Yes, this is a real product, and yes, it really works. Try Windi for your baby. Fridababy the fuss stops here.

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