Video: Samsung SimpleVIEW Video Baby Monitor with 4.3-Inch Color LCD Screen

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Featured » Samsung SimpleVIEW Video Baby Monitor with 4.3-Inch Color LCD Screen

Every parent who holds an infant in their arms is flooded with hopes and dreams for their future. First and foremost is the wish for baby’s safety. Samsung helps that wish come true. 

The SimpleVIEW video monitor is loaded with features that offer the simplicity, convenience and peace of mind every parent deserves. With an ultra-large LCD screen that displays brilliantly detailed video.

Samsung uses the latest secured wireless technology to prevent unauthorized access from outside and signal interference. If household chores take you out of range, or if the battery gets low, the monitor lets you know.

Navigating through menu options is fast and easy, with intuitive controls and a zoom function for the perfect view of your little one.

Even in a noisy room, the Sound Level LEDs let you know when baby needs attention. The camera and monitor’s built-in mics and speakers let you hear your little one call and tell Baby you’re close by. 

Samsung’s SimpleVIEW grows with your family to support up to four cameras.

At night, there’s no need to keep the nursery light on. The camera’s Night Vision produces bright, clear video in darkness. While the camera continues to listen for sound, Sleep Mode turns off the screen to save battery and let you recharge yours! Touching any button reactivates the screen.

Samsung’s SimpleVIEW Baby Monitor has you covered day and night, here and now, so you can concentrate on your hopes and dreams for baby’s future. Samsung SimpleVIEW Baby Monitor System. Simplicity. Convenience. Peace of Mind